The CS 699 course entitled 'Agent programming for conservation games' will be held on Wednesdays in room 3280B of the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery (location information).

There are 15 Classes scheduled, and meet from 2:30 - 3:45.

UPDATE: For the spring 2012 semester, classes will be held in the 'cone' conference room (4130) on the fourth floor of the WIDMIR building.

A note about accessing the classroom: Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) and UW employees that have WID access can use either of the two regular (card accessed) 1st floor WID elevators to travel the 3rd floor Teach Lab (room 3280) or use the “special event” 1st floor elevator near Aldo coffee shop. However, those without WID access must use the "special event" elevator on the 1st floor (near Aldo coffee shop) to access the WID upper floors. This “special event” elevator only services the WID upper floor teaching labs and is activated only when teaching lab activities are planned on the upper floors (ie. this class). After exiting the elevator on the 3rd floor, the teaching lab is directly ahead. When the class is concluded, exit the WID building using the staircase next to the elevator or the elevator that you arrived in. Alarmed security doors prevent any person without WID access from entering the main portion of the WID. The WID reception desk is staffed during normal business hours (8am -5pm) and can show you the location of the “special event” elevator, if needed.

699 Flyer