Ecological Modeling

This purpose of this wiki is to collect and organize various information regarding the modeling of ecological processes, particularly in the context of developing realistic and research-based content for the Trails Forward conservation game. Much of the content is currently focused on how to develop agent-based models of wildlife for application within the game, and to obtain or develop models of forest growth and yield to accurately represent those elements in the game. Please note that much of content contained within these pages is borrowed from external sources which are not always recognized (particularly Wikipedia).

Trails Forward Topics

Ecological Topics

I have read many definitions of what is a conservationist, and written not a few myself, but I suspect that the best one is written not with a pen, but with an axe. It is a matter of what a man thinks about while chopping, or while deciding what to chop. A conservationist is one who is humbly aware that with each stroke he is writing his signature on the face of his land. Signatures of course differ, whether written with axe or pen, and this is as it should be.”
Aldo Leopold. Axe-in-Hand (1949) A Sand County Almanac