Land transactions can be carried out in a variety of ways depending upon the actors involved and the circumstances of the transaction. All bids can consist of a combination of money and land tiles being offered in exchange.

Unsolicited Bids

If players desire to acquire land tiles, they can place unsolicited bids on individual tiles.
  • If the desired land is owned by no one, the player's bid is added to the tile in question. The game processes these bids at regular intervals in order to allow transfer of ownership to players.
  • If the land is owned by someone else, the other player received notice of the bid and can either accept it or reject it.

Solicited Bids

Solicited bidding takes place through a system of listings. In order to place such bids, a listing must first be created by the player selling the land.
  • Listings may contain any number of tiles owned by the lister, who also specifies a price for the listing.
  • Tiles may belong to multiple listings posted by the same player.
  • The player who has created the listing may review the bids at any time and accept them as desired.
  • When a bid on a listing is accepted, ownership of the land is transferred to the purchaser and any other listings containing any of the tiles just sold are invalidated.